Leadership Training Programmes

Who or what is a leader?  Here are a couple of definitions to consider:

A leader is “a person who rules, or guides or inspires others”

A leader is “someone others are willing to follow, almost without question”

Leaders may not always make the right decision, but they are confident in the decisions they make.

They are not afraid to admit making mistakes, and they know when to change direction when an inappropriate choice has been made.

For even after making mistakes, a true leader will not lose the confidence of his, or her, followers.

People seek out leaders unconsciously, and leaders’ step to the forefront almost instinctively.

Leaders are recognised, not chosen.

The following are a range of courses we run to recognise and develop leaders:

  • Learning to lead so others will follow
  • Leading with Trust Training
  • Motivation Training
  • Off my plate: Effective delegation
  • Follow me Leadership Skills for Non-Manager

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