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Train to Gain

“Train to Gain”, was a government funded training initiative abandoned in 2010. Nine years later the country has a skills shortage! Employers, if they wish to employ motivated and well-trained staff, will have no alternative but to provide their own “in house” training programmes. Sending employees on random training courses without it being part of an integrated programme of training with a clearly defined objective, devalues the training and more importantly the employee. I started this company to assist our clients with developing their own training programme and more importantly, upskilling their employees to the level that the business needs require.

What do we do for our clients?

Most importantly we partner with our clients.  We look at their business with them, identify the strengths of the business and the weaknesses and where a training programme and the accompanying training will develop their staff to meet the needs of the changing business environment and their business. Having identified your company’s training needs, we will then develop a range of courses delivered both “in-house” or “off-site” as appropriate.

Quality training produces Quality People!

I am often asked, where do you find your people?  They are good people. Well the simple answer is the same place as everyone else.  I just practice what I preach which does give me a problem with my people being head hunted! So, I make sure I have a Training Agreement” in place.  We produce those for our clients.

“Tick the box” courses or as we call them “Open Course”

Like all training company’s we offer a range of stand alone courses that individuals can chose from either to gain skills or improve on their existing skills.

>> Providing training solutions to individuals and businesses