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Since starting work, I have always been passionate about training, I count myself lucky that all my training has been paid for down the years, initially the state, then the British Steel Corporation, then the NHS and then the businesses I have had down the years.

Since starting in business some 40 years ago I have been equally passionate about training the people who worked with me, and continue to work with me today.

I have devised my own training programmes rather than run with the “box ticking” method of training and 40 years on I am even more committed to training which is why I started Training Solutions (Midlands) Ltd to offer “In house” to a wider audience rather than my existing clients.
At a time when skills are in short supply, it is even more important to invest in your most important asset, your staff.

I have been on a journey through my professional life, join me going forward and benefit from well-trained, motivated staff.

Peter Fletcher

Managing Director

>> Providing training solutions for your business