Management Training Programmes

Question – Are managers born or made?

The consensus appears to be that Leaders are born but Managers are made.  Leaders have an intangible characteristic that can’t be explained but a Manager can improve their skills by training.

This is because generally Managers should be creative and stewards of functional tasks.  Simply put a Manager is an individual charged with the responsibility of overseeing resources and processes.  Their sole duty is to Manage, manage budgets, people, tasks and time.

In my experience most managers are promoted without any training at all, most are not aware for instance of the Regulatory Regulations that affect the way they should undertake their management role.

The following are our most popular programmes;

  • An Introduction to Management
  • The Senior management Programme
  • The Middle management Programme
  • Project Management
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Effective Time management
  • Employment Law for Managers
  • Health & Safety Law for Managers
  • Environmental Law for Managers
  • Step up to Supervisor
  • Employment Law for Supervisors
  • Health & Safety Law for Supervisors

These programmes are supported by a number of the courses drawn from our “Open Courses” programme.

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