Train to Gain

“Every day is a School Day!” we start learning from the day we are born, till the day we move on.  In many instances we do not realise that we are learning, even things that go wrong in our lives is a learning experience.
For learning to be effective, the training must be relevant to the trainee and your company, after all your company is funding the training to build a team, the employee is attending to be part of the team.
Our philosophy is to provide “in company training” at all levels, that is relevant to your company’s needs and aspirations (your training programme).

Team Building

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am employed by Fletcher Associates Ltd. which is a sister company of Training Solutions (Midlands) Ltd
Having joined the company some 12 months ago I was immediately put on an “in house” SharePoint training course to add to my website development and IT skills and I am working towards Microsoft accredited training qualifications.

In addition, I have taken part in the company’s team building weekends, two of which were sailing weekends organised by Training Solutions (Midlands) Ltd. in conjunction with Pembrokeshire Cruising Ltd.

Sailing together in a Force 7 gale soon makes you realise the need to work as team, finding my own strengths and weaknesses, and those of my co-workers, learning how to support each other, as a team to sail the boat safely and efficiently.

Upon completion of our next weekend I hope I shall be awarded my RYA Competent Crew Certificate which means I can crew a sailing boat anywhere in the world.

This type of training serves everyone differently but overall you grow as an individual and as a group.


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