Team Building

You can’t build a team just by appointing a team leader and calling the group a team?

In the 21st Century teams turn up in most areas of life. Football teams, Design teams, Production teams, Sales Teams to name but a few.

Most people can relate to a football team, playing as a team and achieving results. The Managers job is to create a team that gels, have a common vision and a common sense of purpose. They train to play as a team to achieve a common goal (excuse the pun).

When it works it’s easy to see the result.

However, its less easy to achieve this in a work environment in other disciplines such as a design team.

The Answer

Take your group outside the work environment and give them challenges where individuals abilities to unite with the group, develop strengths and examine weaknesses can take place.

Team Building that actually builds teams

The most important step when planning a team building activity comes at the very beginning: you must start by identifying what challenges your team faces.

Only then can you choose exercises that will be effective in helping them deal with the issues.

What can Training Solutions do for you

Training Solutions can assist you with undertaking a team effectiveness assessment, identify the exercises that will build your team and run the exercises either in-house or at an offsite venue.

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