Develop Your Own Company Training Programme

Do you need to train your staff? Would you benefit from better trained staff?

I think most owners and managers of businesses agree that they would but for a whole variety of reasons it just doesn’t happen.

Some companies send employees on individual courses either due to a statutory requirement, or customer pressure but rarely as a result of a clearly thought out training plan for the company.

Most small businesses don’t have the time to develop a training plan.

Training Solutions have the solution, we can do it all for you.

We have a five stage programme:

Stage 1 – Business Needs Analysis

We can conduct and report on the training needs of your company and where those training needs can be met from within (with a bit of coaching from training solutions) or from an outsourced solution.

Stage 2 – Training and Development Plans

We can produce for your company, individual training plans.

Stage 3 – Training and Development Programmes

We can then, using the results of stage 2, develop your company’s own individual training and development programme.

Stage 4 – Implementation

Then by using the skills contained within the business, providing classroom based training (In house or external) and/or using a range of eLearning courses we can manage the implementation of your programme.

Stage 5 - Analysis and Feedback

Finally and most importantly, we can analyse the results of your training programme and give you feedback identifying improvements in your company’s workforce performance.

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